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Professional Copywriting Services for

Small Brands with Big Vision

Save Time | Build Brand Loyalty | Increase Sales


You’re a small business owner with a BIG vision...

You built your brand around your passion — it’s what you love — and your vision is to grow. 


As a small business owner, you’re wearing many hats:

boss, accountant, marketer, handyman, mediator, shift backup...the list goes on.

Small business owners are superheroes in a class all their own.


But even superheroes need help sometimes to avoid burnout. Because when it creeps in, the perks of being your own boss are overshadowed by those roles you really didn't want to take on. 

The thought of growing  your business brings you anxiety, and your big vision starts to fade because...How can you fit one more thing on your plate? 


You don’t have to!


I'm Georgette, a freelance copywriter and marketing communication strategist.


I help businesses reach their goals with content that converts readers into loyal customers.

georgette writes

Words Matter…

On your website, in your social media ads, in your email campaigns — anywhere you’re trying to connect with customers.


Copy is the most powerful element of marketing, making it the most crucial element of marketing. 

Working with me means you’ll get consistent, quality copy written in your brand's voice which will:

  • Save you time

  • Build Brand Loyalty 

  • Increase Your Sales

Rave Reviews

Here's what my clients are saying...


Ready to be part of my 

Happy Clients Club?

Services & Rates

Your website is a reflection of your business. Quality copy conveys the uniqueness of your brand and sets it apart from others. It gives your brand a voice and is a testament to your reputation.


Quality copy helps your target audience find your site, feel understood, and make a purchase.

As my client, you’ll be relieved having me do all that “heavy lifting” that goes into creating quality content: research, writing, editing, rewriting, and formatting. AND…I’ll search for eye-catching royalty-free photos to accompany your copy. 


That doesn’t mean you won’t be involved in the process.


We’ll work in tandem to ensure the final product reflects your brand accurately.

You’ll feel confident knowing the copy you receive is: 

  • Thoroughly researched 

  • Written in your brand’s unique voice with your target audience in mind

  • Interesting — no one wants to read boring content

  • Optimized so search engines AND your future customers can find your website

  • Valuable and digestible —  I write about topics YOUR customers and potential clients want to read about

  • Delivered promptly

Website Copy

Starting at $1,500

Websites are essential in today’s competitive market. They’re a place to showcase your offerings and build and expand your business. Tell your brand’s story, boost your online presence, and increase sales with copy written for your audience AND for Google.

Includes web copy for up to five web pages. This typically includes the standard Home, About, Services & Pricing, Contact, and Testimonial pages. Title tags, meta descriptions, and stock photos included.


Single-page pricing available.  

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Landing Pages

Starting at $750

A landing page is an effective lead conversion tool the reader “lands” on after clicking an ad or link in an email. Its purpose is to get readers to take action, such as joining an email list, booking a call, or purchasing a product.  

Blog Articles

Starting at $360 for 1,000 words

+1 stock photo & 1 social media caption to promote your article

One of the best ways to give your customers added value is by having a blog on your site. Blog articles are evergreen — they never disappear — so your brand will continue to benefit from them long after they’re published.


Quality blog articles help establish you as the “go to” brand in your industry. They provide readers with informative content on subjects they enjoy reading about.


And because blogs provide your website with regularly updated content, they’re GREAT for SEO — if Google finds you, customers find you. 

Georgette Allen Blogs.jpg
The Allen Agency Writes Insta Ads.jpg

Social Media Ads

Starting at $75

One of the major benefits of social media ads is their ability to reach your target audience, thus driving revenue, sales, and leads. Social media is a great way to connect with your readers, build brand recognition, and keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

Lead magnets, ​email sequences, newsletters, product descriptions, e-books, and white papers are priced on a case-by-case basis. 

Monthly retainers and bundling options with subscription-based pricing are available for consistent content.

Website Design

Need help setting up your Wix or Squarespace website?

I schedule a select number of web design projects each quarter. BOOK a complimentary call to discuss your website needs. 

Copy Critiques

Is your copy underperforming and you can’t figure out why? I can help you with that! I’ll do a thorough review of your website, landing page, email sequence, or social media ads and provide you with recommendations to spice up your content.


Copy critiques are perfect for businesses just starting out or small brands on a tight budget.

Learn more.


Save Time, Build Brand Loyalty, and Increase Sales.

Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call to get started.

I can’t wait to hear about your brand!
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