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Let's Connect!

I'm currently booking discovery calls through January. Secure your spot today!

What's a discovery call? Great question!


A discovery call is an opportunity to discuss your marketing needs and see if our businesses will be a good fit for one another. 


We’ll explore your business goals, what marketing you currently have in place, what’s worked well, and what hasn’t worked well. And of course, I’ll answer any questions you have for me.


From there, we can move on to a test piece to further explore working together. 


A test piece could be a blog article, social media ad, or another agreed-upon piece. Fee structure for test pieces is the same as listed on the Services & Prices page. The difference? A test piece is a one-time project without a contract in place.       


Be sure to add any helpful information I should have for our video chat in the questionnaire section of the calendar. 

 Looking forward to meeting you! 


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