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georgette allen drinking coffee

About The Allen Agency

Being a small business owner is tough.

Let's make it easier for you

I see you juggling all the things…

running on copious amounts of coffee, nibbling on morsels throughout the day so you don’t have to stop to eat but get just enough energy to make it to the night when MAYBE you can get a few hours of sleep IF your brain will stop thinking about all the things you have to do tomorrow. 


Whew! That was a run-on sentence. Kind of like how your workdays go. 


Take a deep breath. Help is here.

Picture this…

It’s the end of a long day. Instead of having to write your marketing collateral — emails, social media ads, blog posts —  you’re heading home to spend quality time with your family or enjoy a little *me time.* 


All because someone was able to take this task off your plate. 


Sounds much better than trying to string words together after an already long day, doesn’t it?

Reading with Coffee

I’m Georgette Allen, a copywriter and marketing strategist who works with small business owners like yourself, ready to trade the chaos for calm…calmer.

Is business ownership ever wholly calm?

georgette allen .jpeg
I know what you're wondering.

Did she wake up one day out of the blue and decide, “I’m gonna be a copywriter,” but has zero skills.


Negative. It was a natural segue from my previous life. 


If you live in Farmington, NM, you’ve probably seen my name in the paper or my face on the news. 


No, I’m not infamous. 


I managed public relations for our police department — if I may toot my own horn for a moment — a role I strategically crafted through a compelling pitch that secured its creation. 


Later, I moved to the city manager’s office and played a pivotal role in establishing the city’s marketing and communication division and ran that division until I went to work for myself.

Why work with me?

There are benefits to collaborating with a copywriter who has a PR background.

PR pros write…and write…and write…It’s what we do. We’re also acutely aware that words can make or break a brand. 

When you collaborate with me, you’ll be working with a copywriter who:

✨Knows how to craft messages that align with your brand's overall strategy

✨Understands the importance of brand consistency

✨Excels at identifying and appealing to your target audience

✨Is a master at weaving storytelling into your messaging to humanize your brand  

As a client once told me in a text,

"I get the impression you are in my head sometimes."

Ah…the ultimate compliment for a copywriter.

My why...

find your passion georgette allen

Small businesses are the backbone of communities. And I’ve seen many businesses in my own community fail after someone put their heart and soul into trying to make their dream come true.

Copywriting is a crucial part of marketing and business success.

Knowing how to craft effective copy and finding the time to do it can be challenging for business owners.

Using my talents to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their brands through copywriting is my passion!

Since launching The Allen Agency,
I’ve written copy for a variety of industries

I've also written for

-Government Organizations

-Winning Political Candidates

heckman logistics website by georgette allen.jpg

Michael Heckman
Owner, Heckman Logistics

“ is officially up and running! We could not have done it without the expertise of Georgette Allen with The Allern Agency. She brought our vision of a clear, professional, and user-friendly website to life.”

My Process

It’s painless, I promise.

video consultation_edited.jpg

Book a Call

A 30-minute video chat to discuss your goals and marketing needs. We’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together. If so, I’ll send you a proposal and a contract.

Copying Down


I get to know your brand inside and out. Don’t worry, it’s not through mind-numbing meetings. I try to keep those to a minimum.


I’ll send you a client questionnaire you can complete while chillaxing on the couch with your favorite beverage.  


I’m also getting inside the minds of your target audience and creeping on your competition.

Typing on a Laptop

Work My Magic

I’ll start working my magic to craft your winning copy. You’ll get the drafts on a Google Doc where you can add your notes and edit requests. I’ll send you a clean copy after edits are complete.

Easy peasy.

Ready to get started?
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