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About the copywriter

It’s a beautiful day for writing!

What can I say? I LOVE to write, and I’m incredibly inspired by entrepreneurs!  This is why I’ve taken my passion and turned it into a business to help other entrepreneurs launch and grow their dream brands.  


Hi! I’m Georgette, copywriter and marketing communication strategist. Some of the best products and services I’ve ever purchased were from small businesses.


They’re the backbone of our communities, and these individuals put their hearts and souls into making their dreams come true. 


It’s inspiring to hear stories of people turning their passions into successful businesses. For some, it’s been a lifelong dream that they were FINALLY able to bring to life.


Others had a life experience that inspired them to invent a product or service that enhances people’s lives. 


Being part of their business journey is an honor.

What led me to copywriting?

My copywriting entrepreneur origin story is a long one. I’ll spare you the details and give you a summary. Unless you’d like to share stories over a coffee Zoom sometime. I love to hear how people became who they are today.   


The quick 4-1-1

I have a diverse professional background which began in human services and eventually transitioned to public relations. I had a side-hustle as a personal trainer once upon a time and also owned a photography business along the way.


I hold degrees in technical communication and social work. 


As you can see, I gravitate towards industries that help people in various ways: by guiding them to resources, helping them problem solve and achieve their goals, capturing their special moments, and providing them with important information. 


BUT, I’ve always loved to write and dreamed of writing for a living — this is how I eventually landed here.  


I’ve taken my love of writing, paired it with my underlying desire to help people, channeled all the skills I’ve honed through my 9 years of working in public relations, and launched The Allen Agency. I’m now helping small businesses through copywriting.

Who am I — really?

Five fun, random, facts about me:


  1. I’m a life-long resident of Farmington, NM — the place where outdoor lovers and active families thrive. Did you like that shameless plug for my community? If you’re not familiar with Farmington, we’re located in the Four Corners area about 2 ½ hours north of Albuquerque. 

  2. Coffee is my life source. 

  3. I love pineapples — as decor, not to eat. 

  4. Gloomy, rainy days make me happy.

  5. Fall is the best season, and I could live in it year-round. Yes, I’m one of those pumpkin spice everything people. 


That’s enough about me. I’d like to hear about you! Send me an email and let’s set up a time to chat.


Talk soon!


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